Posting from a hopeful playroom

The perimeter of this living room is filled with toys. Some whir, click, spin or speak. Others sing, pop, hum or rock. It’s a world of primary colors and infinite choices. A delightful four-year-old goes from one toy to the next. His eyes are bright and he intensely focuses on his favorite-toy-of-the-day. But as an infant, he was tethered by trach and feeding tubes, with an assortment of dials and life-sustaining medical equipment. Like the animated toys, the medical paraphernalia droned and buzzed and otherwise kept loving parents and nurses informed and alert. He has been free of the trach for two years or so and now makes joyful baby sounds. I’m confident that words are soon to follow.

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  1. Margaret Farrell says:

    Love this piece.

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