Posting from a late bloomer

Due to life happenings, my Grandmother Hat has seen scant wear. But life changes and the hat is now more accessible. I wore it recently as I set out to help with Baby.

Before my arrival, Baby had eaten an early breakfast of pureed oatmeal and mango. This energized her for playing in a favorite kitchen cupboard. When still-at-home adults closed off the kitchen she crawled into the toy-strewn front room and made do with baby-appropriate playthings. Later, when she fussed her hungry fuss, I prepared the easy-to-mix formula and held the child as she took her morning bottle. We were comfortable in the rocker and trusting of one another. She eagerly drank, demurely burped and snuggled into dreamy sleep. Watching her, I realized that this beautiful, perfect little girl is a part of me.

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