(Random) postings from the local roadway


At midday I spotted a Dodge Durango, dressed to the nines and intent on getting someplace important.  A sleek, cream colored body softened the tightly fitted top of shocking pink. Killer wheel covers  glittered like runway stilettos and darkened windows added to the mystic. The Dodge was overdressed for daytime and a definite show off!

Along that same road, I spied an aging Pontiac Grand Prix. It lacked a back window and bungee cords secured the battered trunk. Though a car length behind, I could see faded and torn upholstery, a cracked windshield, and smears of indigo blue body paint. In the midst of such unsightliness, the owner drove attentively, head held high. With seat belt, rear view mirror and brake lights properly intact, the rest of the disheveled car reflected his persona not a whit!  The Grand Prix was a survivor.

Now we come to the braggart, a mild-mannered Nissan Altima. With its look-alike Buick port holes it masqueraded as the older, more grown up car. It proclaimed to be “RAW LIKE UNCUT BEEF.” I wondered if the driver meant to boast, to complain, or to dare? Perhaps such a public statement puffed up his ego and indeed, he was merely a reflection of his beige, pseudo Buick. 

I pictured the Durango as party-loving, the Grand Prix as tenacious and the Nissan as macho. Perhaps these pictures are worth less than the proverbial thousand words but I certainly enjoyed the view.

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One Response to (Random) postings from the local roadway

  1. Margaret Farrell says:

    It’s amazing how a glance of three different cars can invoke such pleasurable and imaginative thoughts. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece. Margaret

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