A subtle fragrance

It takes determination to idle one’s motor, to notice life’s subtleties, and in particular – to appreciate the glorious Easter lily. This year’s plants are long spent, their delicate scent noticeably gone. Until now, I enjoyed the look of an Easter lily: the white trumpet-like blooms, the golden anthers. But having slowed down, no longer running in third or fourth gears, I detected the lilies’ delicate perfume.

Nestled in the foyer among prolific philodendrons, a towering corn plant, thriving Peace Lilies and muted colors of a bromeliad, the Easter lilies shone. Their fragrance found me as I went about the house. And as blooms faded and fell, their faint bouquet persisted. The plant, after all, represents hope and life. It is found in literature, poetry, history, mythology and the Bible; some poets and artists feel the Easter lily has a soul.

Equally important, this lovely flower reminds one to take more than a moment in appreciation of life’s small gifts.

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