A leisurely morning, some construction required

A leisurely morning – some construction required

In lieu of the pricey day spa, I’ve created a more frugal experience.  I snip a plump leaf from my potted aloe plant and slice it open.  With some effort, I scrape the slippery healing gel into a small bowl, add a dab of honey and stir. Caution: Smearing this potion over face and neck is challenging.

Once the aloe mixture is applied, I prepare a cornmeal foot wash. This allegedly insures pink healthy toe nails. My lip plumper, made from 100 per cent beeswax and virgin coconut oil, has been concocted in advance.

While these mixtures beautify, I work the crossword puzzle, sip coffee and wait. Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal arrive, obviously devoted; squirrels are antsy; doves ever-present; wrens and robins scattered. Then two new visitors, small and exquisitely blue, perch atop the bird feeder. Thanks to Gary Clark, I learn these are Indigo Buntings, mere passersby. But their color is glorious and I hope they visit again.

My morning of leisure is a just reward for thorough preparation. The Indigo Buntings are a surprise bonus.


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