Morning entertainment

Many mornings at the breakfast table we watch a lizard through the large slider window. This window is six feet by five feet and provides a generous view of our plant-filled back yard; but we focus on the inquisitive lizard, dubbed Jake.

Jake clings to the window’s outer trim, fervently returning our stares, or to the upper frame of a retired chaise set adjacent to the window. This chaise has seen better days and now hosts several herbs, scads of seedlings and one mysterious vine. It’s also where the lizard preens of an early morning, periodically inflating his pink-hued throat. Google tells me Jake is a green male anole. The flaring throat can mean he perceives danger or is in the courting mood. Jake may also feel the need to defend his territory or is simply enjoying a bit of male boastfulness. However, I’ve seen Jake in hot pursuit of another lizard, so I bet romance is on his mind.

Our diminutive creature enjoys an up-side-down view of the world, moving atop the slender frame of the chaise from horizontal to upright to inverted. Like a performer in Cirque Du Soliel, its movements are fluid and deliberate.  It winds about the metal frame like tendrils of that delicate vine.  Jake’s performance is soothing and we hope his show has a long run.

It sets the mood for an unhurried day.


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