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Glove manufactures must be giddy about now: revamping closed factories and hiring right and left; while fashion designers and knockoff boutiques flounder in a frenzy of reorganization.

All because Melania Trump wowed us with Ralph Lauren’s heavenly blue cashmere creation and elegant suede gloves.

I hope this means the jacket dress is back, and the skirted suit, as well. Perhaps now, long-legged cable “journalists” will go on a shopping spree, forsaking cleavage for more professional garb. Doubtful though, as each is a Lorelei, luring male viewers. And someone please tell those flawlessly coiffed and beautifully made-up young women the proper way to sit. Criss-cross at the ankles, not at the knees. But then again, it’s all about exposure

Women needn’t wonder why we’re taken less seriously than men. Guys have it all over us with the ubiquitous suit and tie; not to mention a sensible closed shoe. Who’s going to believe a male newscaster wearing sandals and tank top, well-built or not.

I rest my case.


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