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In the delightful movie, “Julie and Julia,” I marveled at Julie Powell’s
persistence in making complex French recipes. Equally impressive were
her daily blogs and her struggle as an aspiring writer.  More recently I
discovered Allison Leach.  She is in the midst of sending daily, hand-written
thank-you-notes for one year! One year, mind you. Allison blogs at:  thankyounoteproject.com and she is also an inspiration.

Following suit, I looked for a feasible subject about which to blog and so had
an epiphany.  I will look at the mundane and find the lyrical. And when the
lyrical presents itself, I’ll have a ready made subject.

Like Julie Powell, I am a writer. Like Julia Child, I find that publishers are daunting. Unlike
either, I write picture books.

The purpose of my blog, Succinctly Said, is threefold: encouraging readers to find
the aesthetic in everyday life; keeping my outlook positive; luring a publisher or
agent toward my picture book manuscripts. My graphic, a partially opened rose bud,
represents “tight” writing to which I aspire, and the promise of a full bloom and
greater understanding of subject matter.

2 Responses to About Me

  1. Patsy Davis says:

    Of course I already know you, but if I did not, your scant few sentences painted you as
    very open, approachable, and interesting. you sound like a person still questing in life.

    Your writing is very fluid. Sould catch the “ear” of any agent or publisher who runs across it.
    I’ll check in on it frequently just to pleasure myself.

  2. Sister Mary Elizabeth, O.P. says:

    Dear Rosemary,

    This is a beautiful site! Thank you for the kind words on the Torch and for sending the beautiful essay.

    I would love to invite you in December to spend a day at St. Rose to reminisce with the children about growing up in the Mackin House.

    We may have to consider the nativity scene in the niche in honor of your mother!

    In Christ,

    Sister Mary Elizabeth, O.P.

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